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Well-groomed hair is one of the most important parts of our appearance to make a good impression on others. The most basic electrical appliance that helps them is a hair dryer, also known as a hair dryer (which is perhaps a more common name). This appliance has long been used not only for quick drying of hair after washing. Modern models can use different attachments to shape different hair styles, including smooth, large volume waves. A hair dryer is actually a small electric appliance that works on the principle of a small fan. It sucks in the air from the surroundings and blows out the sucked air out of the opposite end after its heating, but warmer. It is heated by electric resistance wires and powered by an electric motor, complemented by a small propeller. The first prototype hair dryer was quite large and clumsy.

Division of hair dryers

Hair dryers are divided according to the purpose of use, in principle we distinguish three types of hair dryers:

  • Professional - they are intended mainly for hairdressers and beauty salons, but will find their place in the homes of demanding customers. They are equipped with a large number of accessories and functions and have a number of temperature and speed settings. Their power consumption does not drop below 2000 W. Most often its value is in the range of 2,200 - 2,400 W. They tend to have a slightly higher weight than domestic dryers and usually have a longer power cord. Of course, prices are higher than domestic ones, some of them exceed the price of 3000 crowns.
  • Domestic - are intended purely for home use. Their power does not differ much from that of professional models, ranging from 1700 to 2400 W. But they usually have only two speed settings, three temperature settings and fewer hair styling attachments. The price is even a few hundred lower for the more expensive than professional models.
  • Travel - are primarily intended for occasional use on the go. They are lightweight, often have a fold-away handle, but also fewer features and less power. You can get them cheap and you could say they are the exact opposite of professional hair dryers. Simple and low-performance, yet light and compact, designed for holiday or business travel.

Home Hair Dryer Test

Domestic hair dryers represent the golden middle of the market. Most manufacturers have given them a powerful engine and affordable prices have achieved fewer add-on features and attachments. The limitation may consist only of a smaller number of temperature and speed settings.

Home Hair Dryers and their Characteristics

Domestic hair dryers form the golden middle way between quality and price. Slightly lagging behind professional models, which we will talk about later, but are ideal for ordinary users. The power input of a home hair dryer can be a little lower than that of a professional hair dryer, but some quality models normally match it. What lags significantly is the number of degrees of speed and temperature, which ranges from two to four. Likewise, there are fewer built-in features in home hairdryers and accessories are not sold in the same quantity as professional hairdryers. Sometimes, no accessories are available. However, their basic function, which is quick and gentle drying of wet hair, is perfect and their purchase is definitely worth it.


  • Mostly high engine power
  • Very good price / quality ratio


  • Large selection of models of different quality
  • Less temperature and speed
  • Less accessories

Travel Hair Dryer Test

Travel dryer models provide you with the convenience of fast-drying hair especially when traveling. Due to their compact size, they do not take up much space and are usually dual-set for different world networks, so you can plug them in other countries where they have different sockets. Don't expect miracles in the form of special hair styling. They are primarily intended to fulfill their basic function.

Travel Hair Dryers and their Characteristics

If you are traveling frequently (business or private), you will certainly use a travel hairdryer. It is a small, compact and compact, lightweight device that doesn't take up much space in your luggage. Some models even have a folding handle, which makes them even more compact. Travel hair dryers can be connected to 220 to 240 V, but also to 120 V to be universally applicable in different countries of the world. Their price starts at 500 to 600 crowns, which is not much and it is proportional to size. They have a less powerful engine, often have only two temperature and speed settings, so you can not expect miracles from them, but for fast drying at the hotel is enough.


  • Compact and compact
  • Low weight
  • Low price
  • Possibility of connection to various electrical networks


  • Lower performance
  • Small range of speed and temperature functions and degrees
  • Hardly any accessories

Test of Professional Hair Dryers

In this category you will find the best hair dryers on the market. High performance is ensured by a quality engine with long life. A large number of temperature and speed settings with numerous accessories and features give you the opportunity to experience a wide range of different hair styles. Of course, you pay extra for it.

Professional Hair Dryers and Their Characteristics

The quality of the hair dryer depends mainly on the power of the motor, the possibility of adjusting the air speed and air temperature. Your comfort in using the hair dryer and shaping the resulting hair then increases a wide range of accessories and functions. They have all of these professional hairdryers and are among the top in the market. The more powerful the engine (that is, the greater the power consumption and the proportion of the power), the faster the hair will dry and will not be damaged. Hairdressers, for whom this type is primarily intended, will also appreciate time savings. Professional dryers have a power consumption of more than 2,000 W (minimum) and the vast majority have more than 2 speed settings and more than 3 temperature settings, including cold air to fix the hairstyle. A diffuser or molding attachment must be included as accessories. Of course, all of this is reflected in a relatively high price.


  • High engine performance and durability
  • Wide range of functions, accessories and settings
  • Safe to use on very fine hair
  • Disadvantages
  • Small choice


  • High price
  • More complex use

Who are the biggest producers of hairdryers in our market?

As is common in our tests with other types of appliances, hair dryers, we look at the largest brands on the market. For them, the quality of the model depends heavily on the brand. We emphasize this often, not every manufacturer can produce a quality appliance. Think of it and try to keep devices from companies that have been proven over the years and that have, as far as possible, satisfied customers (just go through user reviews and get a good overview). For hair dryers, the relationship between brand and quality should be very clear. The fact is that there are only a few really good companies in the hair dryer market. You can tell by the fact that the vast majority of well-rated hairdryers come from their workshops. Not that you will not find a satisfactory model with other brands, but the long tradition and long-term development of new models at proven manufacturers will not deny and such a choice almost 100% guarantees satisfaction. Therefore, we offer you an overview of the biggest giants in our market in the field of hair dryers, because with investment in their models you never step next. Which brands are these?


What to Look for when Buying a Hair Dryer?

Let's now focus on the specific features of hair dryers and let's say which parameters are key to you. Of course, we can't tell you which hairdryer to buy and which you don't, it is up to you and your choice. But with regard to the efficiency, comfort, safety of hair drying itself and the creation of hairstyle, you should know the individual parameters and make your choice based on them. Only in this way you will not be unpleasantly surprised when using the hair dryer for the first time and you will feel satisfied with a good purchase.

First of all, you should answer a few questions to choose the right kind:

  • Do you want to buy a hair dryer at home, on the road, or do you need a professional hairdressing machine?
  • How often and what do you use the hair dryer for?
  • What's your hair?
  • How much are you willing to invest in the dryer?

If you said you would only use the hair dryer to dry your hair after bathing and mostly at home, a smaller home model is enough. If you want to use it to shape your hair more often, or if you have fine hair that is not very good for high temperatures, invest in a professional model. Of course, if you travel frequently, buy a travel model. Once we have made this clear, we can focus on the individual parameters.

Motor and its power consumption

In hair dryers, manufacturers use essentially two types of engines. Mostly it is the so-called AC motor - AlternatingCurrent motor, which receives power from the electrical socket. Rare is the DC motor - DirectCurrent motor, which can also get energy from the battery. If you have shorter hair, both are appropriate. The DC motor develops a higher speed, but for a shorter time than the AC motor. It has longer operating time, better durability and lifetime, so you can comfortably dry even longer hair.

Much more important for you is the power input value of the dryer. It is true that higher power consumption means higher consumption of electricity, but also faster drying of hair (although the power input is not equal to the output, these varies in general). The less you expose your hair to high temperatures, the greater the risk of damage or weakening. So, the higher the power, the better the hair dryer. Power consumption should not fall below 1,700 W. On the contrary, above 2000 W are very good models.

Adjustment of air temperature and air velocity

Again, with this parameter, it should be borne in mind that wet hair is very fragile after exposure to high temperature, so it should be a matter of course to choose from more than one temperature range. even six. Initially, you should dry your hair at a lower temperature and use very high hairs for the final hair styling on dry hair. If the hair dryer also has a cold air setting, the subsequent cold wave will help fix the hair. The airflow intensity, or velocity, should also be adjustable. You will normally encounter two gears, but there may be more or less.

Nozzle width and shape

The nozzle - the opening through which air flows out is also important. Its shape and width should depend on the power input of the motor. The higher the power consumption, the narrower the nozzle should be. A narrow nozzle means a small air passage, creating more pressure. The airflow is thus blown out centered, making it easier to target a smaller area of ​​hair and unnecessarily distracting the air. High pressure therefore ensures faster and therefore gentler drying. But first of all it requires a powerful engine that must be able to exert sufficient pressure. If the power (and hence the power) of the hair dryer is too low, the air will pass through the nozzle more slowly and disperse anyway, reducing the drying efficiency. For hair dryers with low power values, you will encounter a wide nozzle.

Ceramic and tourmaline surface of the heating modules

Dryers that have all-metal heating elements tend to overheat and do not distribute heat evenly, which can damage your hair (especially if you have fine and brittle hair). The ceramic module, on the other hand, ensures a uniform temperature distribution during drying, which helps to prevent damage to the hair structure. Hair with drying will not be so stressed and healthier. Some hairdryers have inner walls covered with tourmaline to help smooth hair. Tourmaline is a mineral that electrostatically charges at high temperatures to form negative ions. They prevent static electricity from entering the hair, keeping the hair nicely, shining and preventing excessive drying.

Control buttons and handle

This seems like a detail, but the location of the controls and the comfortable grip are important for the final effect. Especially when shaping the hair at the end of drying you should be able to operate the hair dryer with one hand, but at the same time there should be no accidental button presses. Everything depends on the ergonomics of the handle and the correct positioning of the controls. Certainly the handle should not be too wide (then would hold badly), or too thin (then badly bears the weight of the hair dryer and will be mistreated). It should definitely have anti-skid features to prevent the hair dryer from falling out of wet or sweaty hands. If you are left handed, you will appreciate that there are special models for left handed. You should check all that we're talking about right from the shop and if you don't have a hairdryer, choose another one.


Beware of the weight of the hair dryer, especially if you wash your hair daily or have long hair. After that, drying takes a long time, often several tens of minutes, and it is often repeated. Then you will feel the weight of the dryer uncomfortable. Although it depends on your physical strength and even a heavy hair dryer may not be uncomfortable, we recommend choosing the lighter, it is your comfort. Weight usually ranges from 0.5 to 2 kilograms (for travel hair dryers it is less than more) and again, it is good to try it in the shop.

The cable length

The cable length is also an important parameter as it determines the range of the hair dryer. If you have an electrical outlet far from the mirror, this could be a problem. A cable that is too long likes to get in the way again and unnecessarily entangles and sucks. To avoid this, the cable should be reasonably long and rotatable. In general, you can buy hair dryers with an electric cable length of 1.8 to 3 meters - we cannot advise you, it depends on you. But think in advance where you will dry your hair and comb most often (probably in the bathroom near the mirror) and choose the length of the cable in proportion to the distance from the socket. The longest, three-meter cables are then more suitable for hairdressing than for households.

Cleaning and maintenance of the dryer

The last thing we recommend to monitor and check before buying is the removable grille on the back of the dryer. You should put it aside at least once a month to remove hair and dust - this will increase the life of the hair dryer and achieve optimum performance. Again, you should try how easy it will be.

What accessories and features do we encounter with hair dryers?

Hair dryers are not a complicated device, but a few functions and especially various attachments makes them perfect help to conjure a beautiful hairstyle. Which are they? We'll look at them one by one.


Final verdict

In the field of electronics, investing in a hair dryer is not one of the biggest, but you would certainly like it to be a long-term investment and not have to repeat it after a few months. Let's repeat the process of choosing and buying a hair dryer. First of all, you need to think first and realize whether you will use it only for drying or even shaping the hairstyle. It is also a good question if you travel frequently. This depends on the type of dryer - we have three:

  • Professional
  • Homemade
  • Travel

However, the most important parameters remain the same for all species, only their values ​​differ. Certainly the most important parameter of all hair dryers is their motor power. Ideally, a value above 2000 W for domestic and professional models and at least 1200 W for travel models. In addition, make sure that the temperature and drying speed are sufficient. The grades should be at least three and two, respectively. For your own convenience, watch out for additional features and hair styling extensions. Do not forget about the appropriate placement of the control buttons, the appropriate length of the electric cable and the total weight (which should be as small as possible, especially on travel models). In conclusion, you should bet on proven brands with a long tradition, sufficient technology development that offers you a choice of a larger number of different models. We can recommend, for example, hair dryers Valera, Rowent, Remington, Babyliss or Philips, Czech brands do not need to be ETA (although it is cheaper, foreign manufacturers with quality can not measure). Lastly, you should consider the price of the dryer, and the selection is at the end.

How to dry hair properly?

Wet hair is most susceptible to kinking and entanglement, so it should not be dried by scrubbing the towel in the first place, nor should you ever go to bed with wet hair. Rolling in bed or rubbing on the rough surface of a towel could damage, especially the finer hair. For this reason, the most ideal way to dry your hair is to use a hair dryer. However, this also requires the right course of action:

  • Let the hair dry a little naturally first. Just wrap them gently in a soft towel and wait a while.
  • Brush your hair slightly and gently, preferably with a wooden brush with natural bristles. In this case, use a protective product designed to protect hair from heat. There are many on the market.
  • Keep the hair dryer at least 20 cm away from the head and do not turn it on to the highest temperature, use it only during the final hair styling. You can do this only when the hair is already at least two-thirds dry.
  • Adjust in layers from bottom to top, and if you have curly or wavy hair, a diffuser will help you adjust.
  • The cold air function is used to fix the hairstyle. Pass the air evenly throughout the hairstyle and last longer.

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