11/13 Tuesday Cumberland County Home 6:00 GJV
11/19 Monday Rockwood Home 6:00
11/27 Tuesday Sweetwater Home 6:00
11/29 Thursday Oliver Springs Home 6:00
12/4 Tuesday Fulton Home 6:00
12/7 Friday Alcoa Home 6:00
12/14 Friday Scott County Away 6:30 (FROM WBNT ON ROANERADIO.COM ONLY)
12/18 Tuesday Harriman Home 6:00
1/3 Thursday Oliver Springs Away 6:30
1/8 Tuesday Scott County Home 6:30
1/11 Friday Harriman Away 6:30
1/15 Tuesday Loudon Home 6:00
1/18 Friday Rockwood Away 6:30
1/25 Friday Austin East Home 6:00
2/1 Friday Sequoyah Away 6:00 (FROM WGSM ON ROANERADIO.COM ONLY)
2/4 Monday Meigs Home 6:00
2/5 Tuesday Loudon Away 6:00
2/11 Monday Sequoyah Home 6:00
District Tournament TBA
Region Tournament TBA
Broadcasts are subject to change due to weather and staff availability

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Sunday Airtime Available

If your church or religious group is interested in broadcasting a Sunday service on WKNT contact our office to discuss the details.  We provide and connect equipment so that your church can record your service and deliver it to WKNT.   If you are an evangelist we  can work with you also.  Airtime is available on a first come basis.

Public Service Announcements

If your church, club, school, or civic organization has an event coming up let WKNT help spread the word on our community calendar. All you have to do is send Who, What, When, Where to us two weeks in advance. Submit your information below using the contact form. Be sure to include a phone number that we can give out on the air.

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